Engineering, Consulting, Manufacture and Procurement in rail maintenance operation



A railroad is a sophisticated transport system that requires a dedicated network of professionals. This is especially true for the maintenance workshops that need highly specialized skills: this is the kind of engineering expertise and know-how that Inndes provides.



A maintenance shop is a complex system, a synthesis of technique, technology and experience where the design of work processes, dedicated areas, special machinery, the skill and experience of the operators are elements that together contribute to the primary and fundamental security for passengers. The main issue is that the correct maintenance is crucial to the safety of the passengers transport.


Inndes portfolio services to Rail transport industry include:

Engineering & consultancy to design a complete workshop by providing:

  • The design for the optimization of the flow of the rolling stock and potential savings Identification
  • Implementation with existing equipment if required
  • Know-how improve the productivity and effectiveness of railway operations as we are aware that maintenance operations are often a critical sector in the construction of new railway or modernization of existing ones
  • Expertise to identify special solutions
  • Support to local enterprises (Technical service, start-up, commissioning, monitor maintenance activities, spareparts management)
  • On site training



The results would include proposals for new standards, allowing interoperability between different countries, systems and operators, and paving the way for a new maintenance organization. These services often are instrumental in assisting our clients with crucial decisions regarding a project’s scope, timing, cost or necessity:


  • support and monitor maintenance activities
  • reduce failures and related delays
  • reduce maintenance down time and related costs
  • simplify and harmonise the maintenance procedures at high level
  • optimize long-term maintenance planning
  • reduce life cycle cost of equipment
  • Technical design & Manufacture of special Rolling Stock Maintenance equipment


Technical design & Manufacture of special Rolling Stock Maintenance equipment:

We have taken over a good technological position in mechanical applications to the Railway Industry.
In our facility, we design and manufacture special machines and equipment for Rehabilitation Workshop light trains, hi-speed trains, urban train and metro lines, such as:


  • Special machines to lift/turn over mechanical parts & rail underframes
  • Bogie lift devices
  • Bogies handling and check equipment
  • Mobile bogie press
  • Wheel removal
  • Wheel assembly presses
  • Presses for brake fitting and removal
  • Elevated railway track for wheel-sets
  • Turntables
  • Bearings assembly/disassembly equipment
  • Bearing maintenance facility



    Our specific expertise in procurement will help you find the right equipment for the modern Railway Rehabilitation workshop.


    Through alliances and networks in the Rail Maintenance, Inndes can efficiently source anything our clients require from highly trusted sources. Our partnerships allow us to achieve the ideal purchase: targeting value, product quality, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money.


    We are in business relation with a rather tight network of specialists in the Railway maintenance (Manufacturers of presses, manufacturers of lifting jacks, manufacturers of machine tools, engineering companies, skilled technicians, sale managers in the complementary fields, Railway Associations).